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Coin Master VIP Status

Here in this blog, we will cover all the aspects related to Coin Master VIP Status. What is VIP Status? How to get it? Is it worth purchasing VIP subscription? All of these queries will be covered in this article.

What Is Coin Master VIP Status? How To Get It?

By getting VIP Status in Coin Master, a player can get exclusive access to VIP features and bonuses. Basically, it is a premium membership in the game. Here in this blog you will get to know all about Coin Master VIP Status, including the rewards and how to get this status?

Even a player has a VIP Status, but a professional player of Coin Master never misses the free spins. Get free spins and coins by downloading Coin Master Mod Apk and upgrade your village like a pro.

How To Get VIP Status?

VIP Status is not for free in this game. It can only be purchased by real money from Coin Master in-game shop. At the bottom of the screen, tap the “More” icon and then tap the “VIP” button. Different VIP subscription packages will appear on your screen. You can buy according to your choice.

Price is each package depends on your location or origin and the package you choose. In general, big packages offer the best rewards in return and satisfy your money consumption. Moreover, the developers of Coin Master run promo events and give many types of discounts of VIP membership. Always look out for those running promos.

The Bonuses You Get From VIP Subscription

After activating Coin Master VIP Status, a player will get the following variety of exclusive features and bonuses.

  • Daily Free Spins: Only VIP players will receive a bundle of free spins on a daily basis. These free spins can be used to spin the slot machine and win free cards and coins.
  • Exclusive Card Sets: VIP players can access those special featured cards collection which a non-VIP player cannot. This card collection is only available after purchasing a VIP subscription.
  • Exclusive Events: To get some unique and exclusive rewards, VIP players can participate in some exclusive events only made for them.
  • Boosted Rewards: After participating in events or completing village levels, VIP players get some boosted coins and XP rewards to grow faster.
  • Priority Support: VIP players have special access to priority support. Customer support team of Coin Master always solves the queries of VIP players as a first priority.
  • Special Offers: There is a special discount on various items and features. Also the VIP Players receive special offers in-game.

Is Coin Master VIP Status Worth It?

VIP Status has a worth if you play Coin Master on a regular basis and want to progress in no time. This status will help you to grow as quickly as possible.

We know that the Coin Master is pretty good for new players in terms of spins and coins. But this special treatment is only for early stages. These small and free daily bonuses are not enough to grow the higher level villages.

VIP Status basically boosts your XP and coins rewards smoothly. So everything in the game becomes more smooth and efficient for a player. Moreover, if you want to spend some more cash to grow, VIP Status will grant you some special packages in the shop.


In the above article, there is each and every information available about VIP Status. If you find the VIP subscription worth it then you should go with the specific package of your choice. There are plenty of packages offering different rewards. Buy and get your village stronger.

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