Viking Quest in Coin Master

How to Play Viking Quest in Coin Master

Ever wondered what those Vikings in Coin Master are? We need to dive deep how you can join those Vikings on their quests and many more!

Do you want to tackle the Viking Quest in Coin Master? You need a solid guide on where to start? You are at the perfect place where all of your questions will be answered.

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Starting Your Viking Quest Adventure

First of all you need to know what Viking Quest is? Viking Quest is a mini game within Coin Master. It can be accessed by all the players once they’ve reached higher levels.

This quest is an epic way to get some big rewards like a bundle of free spins, plenty of coins and rare cards of different types.

How to Join Viking Quest in Coin Master?

To start off your Viking Quest, you need to simply tap on the event icon when it appears on your screen. This quest revolves around using spins in order to win coins.

But the twist is that you need to play special missions to win rewards. These different missions have varying difficulty levels. Means that the levels will get more tough with your progress. But on the other hand, rewards will get better.

Gearing Up For Viking Quest

Before you take part in this fizzy and hyped quest, you better need to stack some coins and spins. The quest will need these in plenty, you need to gather them in a big quantity.

If you are in a tough spot, you don’t have to worry. Each difficult level you beat gives some extra good items in return. This is to encourage you to push more and more.

There is a thing to remember, strategy is key in a Viking Quest event. Some levels are crafted for big rewards. For example, “Bonus Wheel” level is full of rewards. We say that timing is everything. Always save your big stakes for these tough and big levels.

How to Beat Viking Quest?

In this section, we will discuss the ways of beating Viking Quest in the game. We will tell you how to conquer the Viking Quest. Below are the details.

Strategies To Beat Viking Quest

All you need is a solid strategy to beat Viking Quest. First of all, you need to save plenty of spins for the event. If you want to pass the levels, you need spins.

Secondly, stake wisely. Start off with small stakes and increase it with your progress. This trick will surely help you in managing your coins. Thirdly, always keep your mind fresh. If you’re on a losing streak, take a little rest and refresh your mind.

Deep Tricks For Viking Quest Victory

All you need is to learn the mechanics of Viking Quest. This will increase your chances of winning continuously. The quest contains different levels with unique challenges. If you are seeking victory, you need to prepare yourself according to the level requirement. This is the key to win.

Another pro tip is to leverage your rewards and bonuses in game. Coin Master offers some free spins and coins to all the players. These can be used to beat Viking Quest. You just need to stay active and collect these freebies.

Also you can download the Coin Master Mod Apk to play with benefits like unlimited spins and free coins.


In this guide we have discussed every aspect of Viking Quest, how to join Viking Quest? How to beat Viking Quest? Hopefully this guide will work for you. In case you have any questions related to Viking Quest in Coin Master, leave a comment below.

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