Coin Master Chests: Types and Rewards

Coin Master Chests: Types and Rewards

Coin Master Chests play a very important and central role in the game. The city building and slot machine strategies revolve around the chests in the game.

Just like you need to spend coins to gain new levels and unlock the new stages. Also you need coins to build and upgrade your village structures. Similarly, you need to open new chests. Chests will help you in accelerating your game progress by allowing you to earn some rare resources.

Understanding Chests

It is very important and crucial to understand what chests are? When to buy these chests? By knowing this, you can move to higher stages more efficiently.

This article will help you in knowing all the key information you need to know about chests. It will include what chests contain? What are the odds of getting free spins and cards?

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What are Coin Master Chests?

Chests in Coin Master are treasure boxes which can be earned by playing the game. Each chest has a different type and can contain free coins, free spins, free cards, Pet XP and Pet Food.

There are many different types of chests like Wooden Chest, Magical Chest etc. The odds of getting a higher level item depends upon the level of the chest. If the chest is of higher level, there is a possibility of getting a high level item.

What are Different Types of Chests?

There are dozens of chests which are all of different types. Also developers of the game provide you the complete breakdown of these different types, what these chests contain and what are the odds of getting certain items.

In this section, we have put a short list which contains some main chests. If you want to know about the full list of chests, you can check them on the official Coin Master website.

Wooden Chest32 Cards
Golden Chest34 Cards
Magical Chest38 Cards
Small Lucky Chest46 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins
Small Easter Chest106 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins
Big Easter Chest208 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins
Big Lucky Chest308 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins
Valentines’ Chest306 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins, Pet Snacks
Sapphire Chest706 Cards, Pet XP and Free Spins
Ruby Chest1108 Cards (Joker card chance), Pet XP and Free Spins, 1 Pet Snack

What is the Best Coin Master Chest?

This is something everyone wants to know. But unfortunately, there is no quite right answer for this question. It is because each chest has its own drop probabilities. Buying a new chest totally depends upon what items you need right now.

Let us give you an example, if you want to complete your low level cards collection, you need to buy low level chests. It is because low level chests have a high rate of dropping 1-2 star cards.

If you want to get some coins to move onto the next stages, you need to open chests that have high odds of dropping plenty of coins. This is how you select a chest to open according to your need.

When Should I Buy Chests?

We already know that chests are very necessary in Coin Master to grow your progress quickly. Most of the players think that buying more chests will help them to move onto higher village levels easily.

Well this is true. Buying and utilizing chests will help in growing more quickly. If you hoard your chests, this will make things difficult for you to advance to higher levels. So you always have to utilize chests and coins to get advance to new higher levels very easily.


In this guide we have provided you with almost every information regarding Coin Master Chests. Now you know everything, what are the chests? What are the types of chests and what is the best chest?

In case you have any query left, let us know in the comment section.

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