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Coin Master Free Cards

There are a lot of ways to get Coin Master Free Cards in Moon Active’s idle game. Here in this article, we have covered up all the ways to get some free cards in the game to complete your Coin Master card collection. All of your queries related to cards will be covered up here.

You can also download the modified version by visiting our main page Coin Master MOD APK to play with unlimited resources. There you will get unlimited resources which will allow you to get more opportunities to get new cards.

Looking For Coin Master Free Cards?

If you’re looking for some free cards in Coin Master, you’re at the right place. This is the basic guide for all the players about cards and how to get them. A player can view the card collection at any time from the menu. The menu includes a set of cards which are based on different themes like pets, sweets, Halloween and many more.

But we are here to guide you on how to get free cards? What are the criteria to get these cards without any cost? Also check out the guide about Coin Master VIP Status. Below are the ways to get some free cards.

Requesting Cards From The Community

The Coin Master community will be always helpful for trading your cards. You can simply trade your unwanted or extra cards for those that you need. The developers “Moon Active”, has made the trading process of cards so easy by creating an official virtual space on Facebook.

So for now, the trading of the cards is so easy and safe. In case you want to fill up your cards collection with the cards you wanted, you can startup from here. Everyone can trade safely.

Trade Cards For Chests

Sometimes you will not get so lucky to trade cards with the community. The reason is everyone wants the same cards for some time. Still you don’t have to worry, there is an inbuilt feature that allows you to trade 75 duplicate cards for a single card chest.

Using this method will allow you to get rid of the same cards and increase your chances to get new cards to complete your Coin Master card sets. Also your library will not be full quickly as you can trade them every time you get 75 cards. This point will surely increase your chances of getting new cards.

Spend Money On Card Chests

A time comes when you’re finished upgrading your village. All the buildings are at maximum level and can’t be upgraded anymore. This is the time when you can spend some excess cash on card chests. This is a great way of increasing your chances to get new cards. Furthermore, these card chests are not quite expensive at all like other chests.

Wait For The Card Boom

This is one of the best methods of getting new and exclusive cards like Gold Cards. The thing is that you have to wait until there is a Card Boom event. Then you can throw your cash on the bunch of chests full of cards.

Card Boom events happen on a regular basis. These events are for a limited time and provide you with 50% extra cards in every single chest. This is a fabulous way of getting new cards and these events are value for money events.

Don’t Miss Daily Rewards

This is one of the most important points. Moon Active Studios provides its players with the daily links. From these links, you can get a bundle of Coin Master free cards. So if you collect these daily rewards, you’ll have plenty of cards in no time.

Also many challenges are released daily or weekly wise. You can join those challenges too for some exciting rewards like cards of different rarity, free spins and bundle of free coins. So always keep an eye on these daily and weekly challenges to get some big rewards.


In the above article we have discussed every single way on how to get free cards in Coin Master. So don’t get late and follow the article to get your cards for free from every possible way you can! Also don’t forget to comment if there is any query of you left.

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