Best Games Like Coin Master

Top 5 Best Games Like Coin Master

Daily cycle of raiding other villages, defending your village and upgrading villages will get most of the players tired. This routine seems to be annoying. But you can’t blame any player for this. It is because the game becomes quite a grind on higher stages.

Sometimes, you just wanted to go into the game’s past to play those early stages and enjoy the game by simply levelling up and growing some progress. But if you’re thinking of creating a new account, it would be the same grind.

Coin Master has become a very successful game without any doubt. Many clone apps are now present in the market related to Coin Master. These clones offer a very interactive gameplay with some new twists to enhance players’ experience. Continue reading to get all the information about some best games like Coin Master.

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Best Games Like Coin Master

Below is the list of some of the best games which are closely related to Coin Master or you can say alternatives of Coin Master.

1. Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom is a very close clone of Coin Master. It is based on a regal theme with some attractive gameplay. You need to spin the reels which will decide your fate in the game. Spinning reels will get you to earn some game currency and you will be able to raid your friends’ kingdoms. Coin Kingdom has pets like Coin Master, but they are retitled as “servants” to keep the game looks different.

Coin Kingdom has a unique thing which makes this game unique. You can play multiple mini games to keep your mind fresh. Coin Kingdom is a good alternative to Coin Master if you are interested in playing.

2. Pet Master

So if you’re looking for top games like Coin Master, here is another one of the best games by the same developers, Pet Master. Pet Master is also developed by Moon Active. In simple words we can say, Pet Master is a sequel of Coin Master with a main focus on pets.

We all know that Coin Master is all about building villages around various cultural themes, Pet Master is about animal themed worlds. But the concept of gameplay is the same, spin reels, attack players and defend your world.

Not just this, there is a big variety of mini games. The most notable game is a board game which is alongside the slot spinning. For conclusion, Pet Master is a sequel to Coin Master in other words with some more pets.

3. Pirate Kings

Pirates King is a free to play mobile game which will make you feel the early days of Coin Master. Both of these games work on the same concept of gameplay. Like you need to spin the slot machine wheel in Coin Master to get rewards. Similarly, there is an asynchronous PVP. If your wheel lands on Attack, you get a chance to raid a random player’s island. You can then sack their buildings and can get some decent amount of loot.

4. Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation

Like other alternatives discussed above, Spin Voyage is also a Coin Master clone with a pirate twist. This is a vibrant and colourful casino game in which players build up their tropical island empire on their own.

To become a perfect clone of Coin Master, spinning the reels is the main focus of Spin Voyage. You are able to raid other players’ empires, steal treasures and spend resources to grow your progress by upgrading islands.

There are also some minigames that are very attractive. One of the best minigames is Coin Bath which is highly liked.

5. Piggy Go: Clash of Coins

Piggy Go is also available on the Play Store but its name looks like a clickbait. The basic gameplay concept is the same as Coin Master. But this game has some varieties of twists which makes it a different game.

You can win coins and other rewards by just rolling the dice and landing on specific reward tiles. After winning these coins and rewards, you can spend them to build your city. If you’re lucky enough, you can land on Attack tiles, which will give you a chance to raid a random player around the globe.


Here is this article we have discussed top 5 games like Coin Master. We have covered all the aspects of these games like their gameplay and concepts. You can download any of them through Play Store and App Store respectively.

You can also check out Coin Master MOD APK to play with unlimited free coins and spins. In case you have any query, feel free to comment below. We will sort it out.

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