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Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Here in this blog, we will cover up some most useful Coin Master Tips and Tricks. These tips and tricks will help you to boost and enhance your gameplay and user experience. Below are details.

Don’t Hoard Your Coins

There is always a risk of losing all your coins in potential raids by your opponents. You can lose a major portion of your coins by these raids on your village. This is why it is important to spend all your coins whenever you are able to afford a purchase to upgrade.

If you don’t have unlocked Rhino Pet or you’re out of shields to defend, it is very important to spend all your coins before someone takes them.

You can become a prime target to everyone for Big Raids if you have plenty of coins in your pocket. A Big Raid can be defined as the maximum chance raid, if it is successful, your opponent raider will get away with a million of your coins. This will be a very awful moment. So spend your coins wisely on time.

Big Raids

By any chance if you get a large number of free spins of Coin Master, it can be very tempting to raise your challenge amount. By this you can multiply your spin bonus by many times. This is a perfect way to boost your coin earnings in no time. Moreover, another best thing is to save your spins for raiding rich players which are VIP in the game.

Just above the slot machine, there is a Coin Master you can see that has been assigned to you as well as their Coin Stores. You can save your challenges for those Coin Masters with millions of coins.

You will always have a chance of winning a lot of money in a very short time. All you have to do is use the maximum amount of money on wealthy Coin Masters. It is because the amount of coins you get from a successful raid is directly proportional to the amount of coins a player has on them.

There is a thing to always remember when you’re going for big raids, Foxy Pet must have been equipped as your active pet. Foxy will increase your chances to get tons of coins.

Buy Chests In Every Village

Card Collection does offer some special bonuses but individual cards do not. While entering a new village you should buy a lot of chests, as many as you can afford. It is because some lower level free cards become more tough to obtain once you go up in village levels. In this scenario, early stages are best to get these lower level cards.

Don’t Waste Your Pet Bonuses

Once you’ve activated the boosting effect of your pet, it will only be available for four hours. If you are unable to play for four hours then you should avoid activating your pet. Activate the boosting effect when you’ve got four hours to dedicate to Coin Master.

Rhino, which is a defensive pet, will not defend your village by a raider until you specifically send him to do so. So be wise to use your pet’s boosting effect whenever needed.

Send And Receive Gifts

You can invite your friends and family to Coin Master. Once they have joined, you and your friends can send Coin Master free spins and coins to each other on a daily basis. You can send and receive a total of 100 spins per day. By doing this, you will not lose any spins and coins.

Moreover, if your friends don’t play Coin Master, you can just add players around the globe to your friends list in no time. This app allows players to add friends from any part of the world. You can send and receive gifts like spins and coins to your global friends like your nearby friends.

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