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How to Get a Gold Card in Coin Master

Are you looking for How to get a Gold Card in Coin Master? There are many players looking for the best methods for getting these highly valuable cards to complete their Coin Master card sets. Also there are some players who are looking for “free Gold Cards” on fake or dubious websites. Don’t get worried, there are many legit ways of getting these rare cards into your collection.

Gold Cards can be collected through various exclusive events. These cards are very elusive in nature and hard to get at all. Obtaining these Gold Cards totally depends on luck. There is a very small chance of getting them in a draw. To improve your chances to get them, you need to spend more time on the villages containing more chests.

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What are Gold Cards?

Gold Cards are super rare and very hard to get. These cards cannot be obtained in most of the chests. Only a few specific chests contain them with a very small odd. So the question is, why are they important to get?

Gold Cards are necessary for completing card collections. Without these rare cards, your cards collection will remain incomplete. This will be a disadvantage for you. In other words we can say, if you want to be successful in Coin Master, you need to get these Gold Cards.

We know that they are very hard to find. But on the other hand, they are an essential part of the game. Make an effort and track them down.

How to Get a Gold Card?

Here in this section, we will discuss how to get a Gold Card in Coin Master?

Pay Attention To The Stars

First trick is simple. You need to pay attention to the stars on the last card you found in the chest. If the last card has 1-2 stars, you should buy a wooden chest. If the card has 3 stars, you should buy a gold chest. If the card has 4-5 stars, you should buy a magical chest. 

how to get a gold card in coin master

Remember that there is no guarantee that you’ll get the Gold Card in any of the chest. But this approach will help you in purchasing your next chest based on the last card you found.

Follow Specific Sequence

Second trick is to follow a specific sequence while opening new chests. Start opening with wooden chests. Once you find at least a 3 stars card, then switch to gold chests. Open some gold chests until you find a 4-5 stars card. Then you need to switch to magical chests and open them until you find a Gold Card.

Now you have a sequence of opening chests. You can repeat this sequence again and again. This approach will help you in choosing the next chest based on the previously found card.

Start New Village

Third method is to start a new village and upgrade all the objects in the village to 1 star. This is the time to buy some chests until you get a Gold Card. After that, you need to upgrade all your objects to 2 stars and start buying chests. Then you will get another Gold Card.

Keep repeating this process until you reach the maximum level of stars of all the objects. But this method would take a lot of resources and time. The chances of getting Gold Cards are fairly low. So you might need to stay at the same level for a very long time.

The Modern Method

The latest and modern method to get a Gold Card is to start a new village. You need to spin at least 5 times at 1x. You don’t need to acquire new star levels of any object. Start opening with wooden chests until your last card is a Gold Card. Switch after switch, lastly switch to buying some magical chests.

This approach will surely help you in getting a Gold Card in Coin Master. Also it will help you in completing your cards collection

Benefits of a Gold Card in Coin Master

The main reason for the popularity of Gold Cards is that they offer some great rewards in the game. Some players in the game are willing to exchange other cards of different rarity for them.

So, you need to get your hands on some Gold Cards if you’re looking to boost your in-game rewards in Coin Master. Although these cards are hard to get, an effort can be so fruitful in getting these rare cards.

Also be prepared for the competition of players around the globe who are trying to get hands on these valuable resources. You can get other cards and resources while doing some chests opening for these Gold Cards.


Here in this article, we have covered all the aspects of how to get a Gold Card? The guide we provided will surely help you in getting these rare cards very easily. All you need is to follow the guide. In case of any query, leave a comment below.

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