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About Coin Master MOD APK

App NameCoin Master MOD APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Spins & Coins
GenreAdventure & Casual
Latest Version3.5.1683
Size78 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1+
DevelopersMoon Active
Updated On6 July 2024
Available OnGoogle Play Store

Coin Master is basically a kings, warriors and pirates themed game which is designed in order to bring some excitement and joy. All of that by testing your luck and looting friends and opponents. Spin the wheel of fortune and check out your luck by winning materials from the spin slot machine.

coin master mod apk

The materials from free spins are significant to attack or to get coins from the game. You can easily connect with your friends to play with them. Become a king, warrior or a pirate, raid villages and try luck daily on spin wheel. Or you have to defeat other kings, warriors and pirates in order to get a win. Coin master mod will be helpful to achieve your goals.

Coin Master Mod APK is kind of a pro version of Coin Master. This mod is helpful for completing the tasks and requirements of the game with great ease. You don’t need to spend money anymore for rewards. You can get them for free and achieve your goal in a short time. This pro version will give you Coin Master free coins. Also you’ll get some daily free spins links for Coin Master.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Spins
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Mod Menu


You will get an interesting and joyful experience by playing this game. The best thing about this game is that you can play with your friends and family online. Get help from your friends or attack their village to get loot. Millions of people around the globe are playing this game, attacking their villages and securing your one with a shield is the way to win. Revenge system is also helpful to attack on the people’s village to get your loot back.

Character scheme of this game is very funny. You can choose to play with some cute and funny characters. Some characters are unlockable by playing and completing events and missions. On each stage win, you can collect some cards and pets. Each character and pet has a special power which is upgradeable by coins. This mod will have unlimited coins which helps you to upgrade them easily.

Moreover, the controls of this game are very easy to use. You can modify every control button according to your will. With such simple controls, the game is very easy to play. Sensitivity of each control button is also adjustable according to your desire. To attack or to move your character. You just need to slide or tap on your mobile screen.


Here are some most astonishing features of this game.

Pets System

In the new version of the game, they have added pets. You can select pets of your choice to keep your village safe from raids. Another way to use your pets is to use them to attack opponents. Each pet has a unique power ability with a distinct animation style. Below are the three different pets with their unique powers and purposes.

coin master mod apk


Foxy is the most clever pet and will help in boosting the number of prizes you get like more coins and more free spins from each raid.

coin master mod apk


The purpose of this pet is to defend your village from enemy attacks. Rhino is more effective than the shields and thus more useful.

coin master mod apk


Tiger is perfect for attacking opponents. It will get your attack boost up and you will overcome your opponent with more power.

Unique Style Game

Coin master is not a normal game rather it is a unique style game. Its very versatile gameplay will allow you to try your luck on the spin wheel to get the best rewards. You can become the best pirate in your friends group by trying your luck on free spins.

The plot of this game is very interesting that attracts the users to play this game. Vikings are always ready to attack on your call. The Islands are placed in a very animated way which looks really good.

Slot Machine

All the materials like hammers, shields, coins, energy capsules and pig raid tokens can be obtained by trying out your luck on the slot machine. The materials collected from these free spins are used in defending your village and attacking others. This feature is very useful to get free things like unlimited coins. This version of apk contains coin master mod apk unlimited spins. Rewards with their details are listed below.

coin master mod apk


If you get three hammers in a spin, you will have a chance to attack an opponent village. But if your targeted part of the village is using a shield then your reward will be decreased significantly.

coin master mod apk


If you get three hammers in a spin, you will have a chance to attack an opponent village. But if your targeted part of the village is using a shield then your reward will be decreased significantly.

coin master mod apk


If you get three pigs in a spin, you can raid that specific player around the globe which appears on the top of your slot machine. You have three chances to raid three different parts of the village.

coin master mod apk


Coins can be easily obtained. They are used to upgrade the items of your village.

coin master mod apk

Energy Capsules

If you are lucky to get three of these capsules, you will get 10 more spins.

Viking Quest

The Viking Quest is the most fabulous event in this game. Players are allowed to travel through Viking themed islands which are made to complete challenges and earn rewards. All the players must collect Hammers, Piggy Banks or Pig Raid Tokens and Shields by spinning the slot machine to progress through each island.

Each island during the Viking Quest event is set up with unique and hard challenges. To get rewards like Coins, Spin and Cards, these challenges must be completed. Defeat Vikings, raid on Viking villages and get the treasures with enormous rewards.


To become the best pirate and the strongest Coin Master in the game, you have to beat the best players around the world. This game is playable online and gives you the opportunity to loot the players all around the world by raid on them. Beware to get looted and lose your resources by activating the shield.

VIP Status

VIP status is basically a special perk which allows players to get some extra spins, coins and some exclusive event rewards. Also it provides a Facebook group which is private for your friends and a player ID which is permanent. 

VIP status is not for free rather you have to purchase it with real money. You can see different packages of VIP subscription in-game shop. But you don’t have to worry, you will get every item in this mod version for free.

Interaction With Friends

Another amazing feature of this game is that you can interact with your friends. You can add friends and interact with them in multiple ways. First, you can loot their resources like coins. But try not to forget to activate your shield as they can loot your resources too with the revenge system.

Second, you can attack your friend’s village which is something interesting. To attack on your friend’s village, you must require hammers which you can get by spinning wheel. The interesting thing is that during the attack, your friend cannot attack another village. Your friend can do only one thing which is to sit and watch you attacking his village. How fun this feature is for sure.

Updated Features

Here is one updated feature we offer you in Coin Master Mod Apk.

Unlimited Resources

New feature we give you in this game mod is unlimited resources. Means there will be Coin Master unlimited spins and coins at the beginning of the game. This will help you upgrade everything in your village in no time and make your victory more reliable. Second thing is the Coin Master unlimited spins which makes it easy to get more materials like hammers, shields and unlimited coins.

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics of this game are very detailed and vivid. All of the characters and pets as well as villages are animated and fun to look at. Simple 2D graphics are used for this game with some most vivid colour scheme for a distinctive look. If you are looking for a game with such creamy and colourful graphics then this game is totally for you with these amazing graphics.

The music feature of this game is also amazing just like the graphics. The background music is made according to the changing parameters during the gameplay. For example when you raid any village, music becomes intense and looks like it is supporting us to attack with more power. Similarly when your village gets raided, background music will become supportive and soft. Moreover, touch sounds are also good. These amazing sounds will help you to enjoy more while playing the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Free To Download
  • Entertaining And Engaging
  • Unique And Creative Gameplay
  • In-App Purchases
  • Creativity And Imagination


  • You Need Luck
  • Manual Updates Everytime
  • Addiction
  • Gameplay Error Sometimes
  • Must Need Android Version 5.1+

How to Download and Install

coin master mod apk

Are you an iOS user? You can read How to Download and Install Coin Master for iOS

Want to play on PC? Follow the simple steps on How to Download and Install Coin Master for PC

Minimum Requirements

For Android

  • OS: Android 5.1 or above
  • RAM: 2GB Minimum (4GB Required)
  • Storage: 2GB

For iOS

  • iPhone: iOS 11.0 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 11.0 or later
  • Storage: 2GB

For PC

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or above
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD/SDD: 5GB Free Disk Space


  • OS: macOS 11.0 or later
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 4GB Free Space

Final Words

As a player of Coin Master Mod Apk, I believe that it is full of creativity and imagination. It helps the kids playing to build and upgrade villages of their own choices. This game will help you in being yourself by trying new things you want. Kids or players will get attracted by the pets system, just like they have got real pets. If you are eager to build your village, own the pets and get more rewards from the spins, Coin Master will let you do all the stuff. And the fun will never get to an end!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, this latest version of Coin Master which is modified is absolutely free to download.

Yes, this game is playable on PC with the help of Android Emulators like BlueStacks or Memu Play.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions we provided in the “How to Download and Install” section. Then you will get unlimited coins and Coin Master unlimited spins.

Yes, this game is legit and free to play at all. But you cannot earn real money from it. Only thing you can get is unlimited coins in-game.

Yes, it is available on iOS devices 14.0+ and MacOS 11.0+.