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How to Add Friends on Coin Master

Coin Master is always better with friends to play! Here in this article you will get to know how to add friends on Coin Master. So you can get some extra bonuses and free spins.

To enjoy the multiplayer aspects of Coin Master in a great way, you need to know how to add friends on Coin Master. Some multiplayer aspects are like raiding villages and competing on the leaderboard.

You can send an invitation to play to your friends. Once a friend accepts your request to play, you will receive multiple bonuses like free spins and coins. Also some additional rewards will be presented to you. Not just this, you will get some points on the leaderboard. Let’s get deep into how to add new friends and make some gains from them!

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How to Add Friends on Coin Master?

You will enjoy more and your gaming experience will enhance by playing with friends. It is simple to add friends to play with you. The only thing to make sure is that you are connected to your Facebook account. Here is the guide to follow.

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How to Add Friends who don’t Play Coin Master?

Above guide was for inviting those friends who already play Coin Master. This is the guide for adding those friends who don’t play Coin Master. Just make sure that your Facebook account is connected to your Coin Master account. Here is the guide to follow.

infographic- how to add friends on coin master

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can simply use the “Friend Invite” feature by clicking on the “Friends Icon”. You can find it on your main screen. Then click on “Invite Friends” after opening “Friends Tab”.

There will be two invite buttons, blue for send invitation via Facebook Messenger and green for send invitation via Email, Facebook App and WhatsApp.

There is a limit of up to 250 friends on Coin Master. But you can see only 180 friends in your “Friends List”. The list of 250 friends will rotate every 24 hours.

When you add friends on Coin Master, you will get some free spins. Not just this, you can also give and receive free spins and free cards. Also you can raid your friend’s villages for coins.

This feature allows you to get more coins and quickly complete your card sets.

Simply find the “Connect to Facebook” button and click on it. Enter your credentials and login to your Facebook account. Once the account is connected, Coin Master will access your all Facebook friends and you can add and play with them.

This game has a global player base. So you can add friends from any country around the globe. Also you can gift them and they can give you free spins and coins.

The primary way of adding friends is by connecting the game with your Facebook account. However, without Facebook, you are still able to invite friends by sharing a unique invite link provided by Coin Master.

After your friend downloads and plays the game with the link you provided, both of you receive some bonus gifts.

There is only one way to remove a friend from the game. By unfriending your friend from your Facebook account. But you can only unfriend those friends, which you have invited through the unique invite link provided by the Coin Master.

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